GemmEssentiel is a family company located in the Western Pyrenees (South of France, Mediterranean side) which combines a holistic view of health and science of medicinal plants by collecting and transforming bourgeons and young shoots.

The founders of GemmEssentiel are also willing to collect and transmit the ancient knowledge of the medicine of the trees and the plants to future generations.

Ronan, from the early childhood was searching for learning meditation and understand the laws of nature. His passion of helping people in need, led him to Paris, to register at the “Faculté Libre des Sciences de la Santé”, in Medicine, Psychology, Biology, and Naturopathy. Graduated in “Culture Médicale”, he then set and led several humanitarian projects in India and Tibet. Ronan spent decade in extensive studies of Tibetan Buddhism mostly in the Monastic University of Sera-Jhe. Because of his mastering of meditation, he was asked to participate in different neuroscience researches that revealed the power of meditation on influencing the RNA, thus the rejuvenation quality of our cells and state of physical well-being. Currently, as a coach, counselor in personal development, sharing his experiences, teaching meditation, he continues tirelessly to help in various way people in difficult situations or in inner search. As talented hand-craft man (wood-turner, stone carving) his hands are touching the heart of wood and stone, as well as the heart of beings.

Beata, as a child was known for her curiosity, there was nothing in the world which she would not question. This openness had only become stronger. She graduated as a horticulture engineer in Corvinus University of Budapest and specialized in medicinal plants. During the university years, she researched the different medicinal herbal extracts anti-microbial’s activity in parallel studies in Semmelweis University faculty of Pharmacy. She worked for the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture in the National Agricultural Library as journalist and editor. She is passionate of nutrition and healthy diet, traditional medicine and the precious gems of trees.  Since 2018, Beata is learning to become Naturopath, with “L’Union International de Santé Naturelle (UISN)” from Belgium.

And they are as well parents of four children…

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