Being in harmony with the nature can bring the best quality of final product. In the chain of different stages of the production one of the most essential is the circumstances of collect. When and how to perform the collect?

GEMMESSENTIEL follows the Moon cycle. According Tibetan and Western moon calendar there are favorable days and unfavorable days to perform actions connected to medicinal plants. We combine both calendar and choose the best time to collect the buds in order to bring the most beneficial circumstances together to start the maceration process. The usage of medicinal herbs and strengthening the self-regeneration processes of our body will be especially effective if, on the day of collection, the Moon was in that sign of the Zodiac that controls the organ where we want to focus. Without going into long explanation, we can say the best period of medicinal plant collection is the time of Full Moon when the herbs reaches their maximum strength and Moon in the sign of Scorpio. The collection is absolutely be avoided is the New Moon phase.

Therefore in each picking chart of GEMMESSENTIEL, we registered all the circumstances in details: the Moon phase, the zodiac and the corresponding organ or body part, the parameters of weather, altitude.

Cosmic calendar by Julie Wilder

 Pure and organic

Without pure primary material, there is no quality production. The quality of the air, the composition of the soil, the vibration of the place all leave an imprint on the flora. The life is a symbiotic phenomenon, we can not separate living beings. Plants, animals, humans are all interconnected. In the natural law of giving and receiving there is undeniable communication between different plants.

We have chosen for GEMMESSENTIEL products from the brilliant sites of National Park of Pyrenees Orientals where you can feel the unbeatable life force, the energy of forest. Just being there is half way to gain back the balance in our mental and physical body. That’s why our supreme goal is to inspire our customers and bring them to the sites from where our buds originated. To show that it is possible to collect plants so gently, that it is even not recognizable. GEMMESSENTIEL respect and bow down to the Mother Nature, we take only what the Mother Nature give a permission to take. Long kilometers of walks and long hours of peaceful prayers and mantra recitations brought us some hundred grams of buds. Collecting buds is a passion, is a meditative state, where awareness is essential.

Photos by Beata Chatellier all rights reserved

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