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Holistic vision, traditional and scientific

Within our work, we tried to unify the eastern and western healing traditions, studying the traditional texts of the Tibetan medicine (which integrates Ayurveda and Chinese medical systems), and searching scientific shreds of evidence of the buds composition and properties.

Tibetan medicine is among the most ancient and complete medical system, called gSo-ba Rig-pa, based on a large Text named rGyud-bZhi. In the West, phytotherapy is known and used since as far history goes, under various forms, more or less elaborated. Reference to the specific usage of buds can be found from Egypt time, where buds were used in creams, and from Midle-Age in Europe from the time of Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179), a German Saint, Benedictine abbess, writer, composer, philosopher, and visionary. Later in the XVIIIth century Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832), a German writer and statesman, studied extensively the buds and their functions in his groundwork: “The metamorphosis of plants”.

In the XXth century, Goethe inspired a known medical doctor and homeopath in Belgium, Dr. Pol Henry (1918-1988). He developed the first hypothesis that the meristem should contain all the informative energy for the development of the whole tree and established the way to extract the essence of the buds, with a solvent composed of water, glycerine, and alcohol. He gave in 1959 the name of this new branch of phytotherapy: phytembryotherapy. GemmEssentiel follows his authentic approach in the procedure of making concentrated macerates from meristem tissues of plants.

The founders of GemmEssentiel have sound knowledge in both scientific and Tibetan Buddhist tradition and its medicine, thus having a holistic approach to both mental and physical health.

State of mind or Awareness

We believe that special meditative concentration brings enormous benefit. Neurosciences already proved the positive effect of meditation upon the physiological processes of the body including the physical expression of the genome (RNA). Without any doubt, our own state of being has also an influence upon all we are doing. Thus, special attention to our own state of mind is emphasized during the whole process of creation, from picking up the buds and young shoots up to the filtration and bottling, in order to produce a highly potent final result.

Respect of environment

* No plastic!
Given all the evidence of the tremendous harm caused by plastics to the environment and to our body. Plastic in nature is causing great damage both to nature and to the animal, on earth as in the seas. Numerous molecules are slowly liberated and penetrate in drinks and food, then contaminating our organism, causing a chain of disorders. (link to “plastic”).

We believe in: “think globally and act locally”. Every bottle, every small piece counts.  GemmEssentiel is particularly careful not to use harmful component throughout the whole fabrication chain. The picked up buds are placed into a cotton material, before to be placed in glass jars for the maceration, and the bottles have been chosen with a glass dropper so that the macerates are as less as possible in contact with plastic.

* Ethical picking, harmony with nature:
– To respect the development of the trees, we will pick-up only 10-15% of their buds, which correspond to only a few grams from most trees.

– For the recovery of the tree, we collect its buds only once per three years.
– To preserve the fragile integrity of the buds, the collection should be done by hands, and handled with care, avoiding any contact with non-natural material, such as plastic, aluminum, etc.
– We avoid all kinds of industrial procedure which would degenerate the vital energy of buds elixir (See also: Fabrication).


In our 21st century, the healing with natural remedies is disregarded by official institutions. The use of terms such as “healing” and any reference to sickness/medicine is reserved for the pharmaceutical industry and the medical profession. Though it has been proven by Dr. Pol Henry and many other subsequent pharmaceutical studies that buds macerates are efficient to cure certain symptoms and diseases, we are not allowed to mention the therapeutic effects of our elixirs. Handling with diseases is the task of medical professionals. We are not doctors thus not allowed to give medical advice; but we feel responsible for holding and transmitting the knowledge of medicinal plants for the future generation. Everybody has the right to access this ancient knowledge. Healing is the natural process of the body and medicinal plants are the support of this natural process.
The medicinal plants are traditionally known to help and support various physiological processes, especially when they have been energized with the best possible state of mind and careful process, integrating the moon phases, positive and peaceful thinking, and recitation of mantras. We should be reminded the words of Paracelsus (1493-1541):

” The highest degree of a medicine is Love “


Restoring the connection between man and nature is essential in the XXIst century. The future generations resources are in our hand and forests, plants, animals are the key elements of our vulnerable ecosystem. We would like to bring people closer to nature, closer to the trees, closer to the harmony we can find in the milieu the forest. Through the GemmEssentiel mother-macerates, we would like to establish this remarkable connection. We carefully chose the places of our collection in the Pyrenees Orientals, you can find them on the link of “Our collect”. These places are sacred or/and carry vibrating positive energy. We would like to inspire our customers to slow down, disconnect from the consumerism, to visit these places and absorb the vibration of living nature by turning inwards and finding inner peace.
Another quote from Paracelsus:

All is interrelated. Heaven and earth, air and water.
All are but one thing; not four, not two and not three, but one.
Where they are not together, there is only an incomplete piece.

We believe in values of connectivity in the human level, in the values of a small family business. Behind our products are families or communities which one by one carries a special quality, you can find the list of our partners, here.

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