Dr. P. Henry observed the effects of bud extracts and developed a new therapeutic approach. He defined that the meristem should contain all of the informative energy necessary for tree development. He named this new face of phytotherapy: phytembryotherapy, based on his original method. The “macerate concentrate” is composed of: water, alcohol and glycerin without being diluted.

* Gemmotherapy is based on 1 DH “glycerin macerate”, made without water, only with alcohol and glycerin, and diluted 10 times. Gemmotherapy belongs to homeopathy.
* Phytembriotherapy is a therapeutic method belonging to the field of biotherapy, which is based on the analogical biochemical principles of biological drainage.

GEMMESSENTIEL does not produce drugs. Our products are classified as food supplements. These are not first decimal dilutions of fresh plant extracts, 1D solutions being described in the French Pharmacopoeia. We follow the original method of Pol Henry:

The mother maceration at 1 / 20th is obtained with 1 kg of plant in dry weight (equivalent to 3 to 6 kg in fresh, depending on the humidity) and 20 kg (20 liters) of solvent.

Three solvents are used together:
Water: to extract the active water-soluble components such as vitamins, flavonoids, mineral salts. Pol Henry considered water to be a very important material in the transcription of life energy.
Alcohol: to extract alkaloids, glycosides, certain acids, vitamins.
Glycerin: to extract phenols, essential oils, flavonoids, acids, sugars, wax, vegetable juice, latex.

Are used fresh shoots, buds or rootlets.

No high extraction temperature that kills the plant, no freezing that changes the cell structure of the plant.

After one month, the macerates are filtered and bottled in a unitary manner. The complexes are then produced.

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