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Ana Jasmina Oseban Ana Jasmina Oseban de Görlitz, Germany a écrit le 02/08/2020 à 22:49
I have tried several extracts from Gemmessentiel by now and I am amazed how profound their effect is, both in the short and in the long term. It feels like they are working on so many levels. Sometimes I choose an extract after a profound counselling by Bea, sometimes intuitively – both works for me and my family.
For example, I found the Birch extract (Bouleau blanc) to have a very soothing effect on both my nervous and bodily system. I chose it intuitively, as I simply felt very drawn to it. For my husband, who has had a complex lung operation decades ago, Hazel (Noisetier) works amazingly, both on old scar tissues and against throat issues that appeared more recently. We combine the extracts (alternate them in use) with "the queen of extracts" Ribes nigrum (Cassis). And our 2-year-old daughter just loves the taste of Complex Allergie Junior 🙂 which helped her a lot in the winter months.
Apart of the fascination I now have for gemmotherapy that I first learned about through Bea, I just love the way these extracts come into existence, with all the healing energy that is generously given into the process and with so much care and dedication. I feel very lucky that my family and I can use them regularly. I would absolutely recommend them. ❤
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