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Erna Birtalan Erna Birtalan a écrit le 05/06/2020 à 23:44
"Hi! I would like to share how happy I am! I found Beata Chatellier in a Facebook private closed group, where we exchange business experiences and challenges. Beata wrote so nicely about her work that it caught my attention. Following some private exchange, it turned out that maybe there is an antidote for my problem which made me suffer for 34 years. Due to hormonal unbalance, facial hair is a very masculine type on my face. Frankly, I already tried so many things, it was hard to believe there can be a solution. I felt she is devoted heart and soul to her profession, so I bought a raspberry bud extract.
The result is amazing! It completely exceeded my expectations. It started to bring my hormonal balance completely in order! The facial hair is simply disappearing. Double thanks for her! First, while endocrinologists did not take consideration of my beauty problem even though I had the proof of a high level of testosterone, Beata took it seriously. Secondly, because my body healed with the power of buds, thanks to her expertise! If I ever have any trouble, now I know where to look for help first.
A thousand of warm thanks!! Erna from Hungary"
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